Official Rules for the Organisation and Progression of
“TriChallenge HERO 2018″
National Championship

September 16th, 2018, Mamaia


The “TriChallenge HERO 2018” competition, hereafter referred to as “the Competition”, is organised by ACS Smartatletic and is aimed at promoting triathlons as a sport for the masses and supporting high performance sports among Romanian triathlon athletes.

Participants in the Competition must observe the terms and conditions of these Official Competition Rules (hereafter referred to as  “the Official Rules”).

The Official Rules are drafted and will be made public in accordance with the applicable legislation in Romania and will be available for free to anyone requiring them on the website, as well as at the location of the Competition.

The Competition will be organised in accordance with the Competition Rules of the ITU and of the Romanian Triathlon Federation and competitors must observe the ITU Rules, with the exception of those articles which are expressly overwritten by the present rules.

The ITU Rules are available at the following web address:

The Romanian Triathlon Federation Rules are available at the following web address:

By participating in this Competition, participants agree to observe and abide by all the provisions, terms and conditions in the Official Rules, as well as the applicable laws, and sign a sworn statement which will be provided by the Organisers upon registration, as well as on the day of the competition, upon validation of registration.


2.1. Date and place of the Competition:

The Competition will take place on Sunday, September 16th, 2018, in Mamaia, in the vicinity of the Rex Hotel and the Mesogios Restaurant (the competition premises and the routes of the three legs are marked on the official map on the website).

The Competition’s start area will be in the vicinity of the Rex Hotel and the finish area will be in the City Hall parking in front of the Rex Hotel.

Access in/out of the competition area:

  1. a) – with personal vehicles
  2. b) – with public means of transportation

The Competition is carried out according to the Competition mechanism, as detailed in Section 3 of the present Rules.


3.1. Competition participants and progression

This competition is aimed at any person who is passionate about triathlons, swimming, cycling or running, anyone whose health condition allows them to participate in any of the races in the competition.

The minimum age required for participation is 18 for all races.

Participants in this competition can register for individual race or relay race.

3.2. Distances to cover

Competitors will have to cover the following distances: 1,9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21 km run.

3.3. Competition route

Competitors in the individual races must complete all 3 legs integrally – swim, bike and run – in this order and cover the distances mentioned above for the race they have registered for.

The competition route will be secured with fences, gendarmerie roadblocks, barrier tape and cones. Representatives of the organisers – route commissioners – will be present at certain pre-established points along the route. They are in charge of making sure that all competitors carry out the race in complete safety and that competitors observe the rules stipulated here.

Competitors who do not follow the official route or shorten it in any way (thus obtaining a competitive advantage) will be disqualified.

The official, detailed map of the entire route is available on the official website under the section Route.

3.3.1 Swim route

The swim leg will take place in the sea. All competitors start at the same time.

The shape and map of the swim route will be posted on the official website, under the section Route.

In case of changes in the weather, such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, low temperatures, the Technical and Medical Delegates can modify the length of the swim route or adopt new provisions regarding the use of neoprene suits. The final decision will be made an hour before the start of the competition and will be clearly communicated to the athletes by the Technical Delegate.

In the eventuality of the cancellation of the swim leg, it can be replaced by a new run leg.

3.3.2 Transition area

The transition area is the same for swim-to-bike as for bike-to-swim.

Access in and out of the transition area will be secured and granted to participants only.


  1. The area will be provided with video surveillance;
  2. Access will only be given based on bicycle number;
  3. Security will be provided by a security company.

The placing of bicycles and equipment in the transition area will be done according to the official timeline on the website. For security reasons, outside the announced time interval for equipment placing, there will be no more access to the transition area except for competitors engaged in a race at that time, even if the start signal for the race the competitor is taking part in has not been given.

Bicycle placement in the transition area must be done in the allotted rack segment, according to the competition number and the race the participant is competing in. The racks will be provided with signs indicating the number interval in which a bike may be placed for each segment.

Placing one’s bicycle in a rack segment other than the allotted one, both before the race and at the T2 transition, will be penalized and given a warning if the competitor corrects their mistake before start time, or will receive a time penalty.

Bicycles may be removed from the transition area only after the last competitor in the entire event has completed the bike leg. The exact time will be announced by the referees and the event MC on the spot.

Bicycles must be removed from the transition area within an hour from the moment the last competitor has completed the run leg. In the eventuality that an athlete does not arrive to remove their bicycle within this interval, organisers may claim a fee for the moving and storage of the bicycle.

a) T1 – swim-to-bike

It will involve covering a distance (presented in detail on the route page) between the swim area and the transition area.

b) T2 – bike-to-run

Competitors must place their bicycles in the same allotted segment as before the competition. Failing to observe this rule will be sanctioned as detailed above.

Participants may mount their bicycles upon exiting the transition area only after crossing the “Mount Bike” line and must dismount before the ”Dismount line” (by placing one foot on the ground before the line) upon finishing the bike route. These two lines will be marked accordingly and there will be volunteers announcing these areas. Failing to observe this rule will result in a penalty in accordance with ITU rules.

3.3.3 The bike route

The bike route is a loop approximately 10 km long, which will be covered 9 times (90km).


Drafting is NOT permitted during the bike leg.

The rules regarding drafting will be applied according to the FRTRI and ITU reglementations.

Drafting penalties:
– warning upon the athlete’s first infringement if the athlete exits the draft zone;
– time penalty on the second infringement: 5 minutes for all distances.

3.3.4 Run route

Road traffic on the run route is completely banned.

The run route is a loop about 2.5 km long and must be covered several times by participants. Counting the laps is exclusively the responsibility of competitors. If, upon validation of the results, a competitor has not done the full number of laps, the said competitor will be disqualified.

The run leg will take place on the Mamaia promenade.

There will be a single supply station along the run route, to be used by participants during every loop.

3.3.5 Penalty box

According to the official map, along the run route, there will be a penalty box for serving time penalties given by technical officials on the swim route, in the transition area or on the bike route.

In this area, the numbers of the competitors who must serve a time penalty will be posted visibly on a panel. It is the participant’s obligation to check this panel in order to find out if they must serve a time penalty.

Serving a time penalty

It is done by stopping completely by the side of the technical official in the area, who will start counting the seconds of the time penalty. If the athlete moves during the implementation of the penalty (running on the spot being forbidden as well), the technical official will stop the count until the athlete is completely still.

The penalty may be served whenever the athlete wishes it, as long as it is done before reaching the finish line. If the athlete has several penalties to serve, they can opt for either serving them all at the same time or in turn.

Failure to serve all the time penalties received will result in disqualification.

3.4. Registration

The registration of participants is done by filling in the online form on the official website.

The places are not transferable but if there will be any special situation (an emergency/injury/inability motivated of participation), the place can be passed to another person but not later than 1st of AUGUST. The same for changing the position of a participant from one race to another. After 1st of June it will not be possible any change in the registration system.

3.5. Sworn statement

All competitors must fill in and sign a sworn statement that indicates that they are medically apt to take part in the competition.

The participation in the competition/event of people who have alcoholic beverages/drugs about their person or are under the influence of such substances, of people who carry weapons of any kind, explosive or incendiary materials, tear or irritant or paralysing substances, electroshock devices or any other objects which may be used in violent actions or to disturb the normal unfolding of the event is forbidden.

Persons who infringe these provisions will be removed from the event area by the organisers, even with the help of law enforcement authorities, if necessary.

The dates and times when sworn statements can be filed are detailed on the official website.

3.6. Equipment and competition requirements. Competition numbers

Competitors will use their own equipment when taking part in the competition. Competitors are recommended to wear appropriate equipment for the weather conditions at the time of the day the competition takes place.

Competition equipment must observe ITU rules.

Depending on the water temperature, it will be announced if a neoprene suit is mandatory, optional or forbidden for the swim leg. The official swim cap is mandatory for the swim leg.

The competition numbers, the swim cap and the timing chip will be provided by the organisers and will be handed to competitors after filling in and signing their sworn statements.

The competition number will come with an elastic band and must be worn on the back by each competitor during the bike leg, then pulled over to the chest/abdomen area during the run leg, so that it is visible. The participation number may not be altered (cut, carved out, folded) or covered in any way.

The bike helmet is MANDATORY for all competitors throughout the bike leg, as well as during pre-race on-bike warm-up.

The bicycles accepted in the competition are triathlon specific / time trial bikes and road bikes. They must be in good working condition, with functional brakes on both wheels.

3.8. Start and time limits

Start times and time limits for each leg are featured on the timeline page.

The timeline may suffer modifications, which will be announced beforehand.

The organizers and FRTRI Technical delegates reserve the right to remove an athlete from the course and DNF the athlete if our course staff determines there is no possibility of an athlete finishing the given discipline (swim, bike, run) before the posted cut-off times based on an athlete’s location, time and average speed up to that point.

3.9. Determining the results

The ranking for each category will be made in the order of arrival of each participant.

Upon crossing the finish line, the time each participant needs to complete the entire route will be measured by means of a bracelet-type timing chip. These chips must be returned after crossing the finish line.

Separate rankings will be made for each age category.

The categories will be based on age intervals, featured in detail on the Categories and Awards page.

The list of categories and awards is available on the Categories and Awards page.

3.10. Route referees, technical delegates and arbitration panel

The arbitration of the competition will be performed by a team of technical officials (ITU, Level 1) on behalf of the Romanian Triathlon Federation.

The team of technical officials and race commissioners (route referees), made up of at least 20 people selected by the Technical Delegate of the Romanian Triathlon Federation,  will cover the entire area where the races take place and will make sure that competitors follow the route and observe the present rules.

Any infringement of these rules will be penalized by technical officials by means of a warning, a time penalty or disqualification, depending on the severity of the infringement.

If a race commissioner notices any attempt by a competitor to ”cut the route short” (by shortening it or deviating from it), the competitor will be disqualified.

3.10.1 Arbitration panel

The arbitration panel will be responsible for settling all appeals. The members of the arbitration panel will be announced at the technical meeting before the event.

3.10.2 Filing and settling of appeals

Appeals are to be filed at the official event office located beyond the finish line, marked ITU & LOC Office on the official map. Appeal forms are to be found at the said office.

Appeals must be filed personally by the athlete or by a member of the relay team within a maximum of 30 minutes after the end of the race they have participated in.

The settling of appeals will be done by the arbitration panel.


4.1. Titles and Awards

The prize pool will be divided into 2 main categories:

  • OPEN prizes consisting of money and products:
    • positions 1-5, males and females, for both races
  • AGE GROUP (amateurs) – awards will be given to the participant ranking first (male/female) in each age category, in accordance with art. 3.9, with the following clarifications:
    • No awards are given to participants in categories containing less than 3 competitors.

Awards will be announced before the beginning of the competition. Aside from prizes, winners will also receive diplomas and winner medals. All participants will receive electronic participant’s diplomas.

The equivalent of the money prizes will ONLY be paid via bank transfer within 30 days of the event date. No other payment method is accepted. Within 14 days of the event, winners will send an e-mail to with the IBAN account number to which money prizes are to be transferred, along with a copy of their ID (tax residence certificate for foreigners).

The official award ceremony will take place according to the official timeline posted on the website.


5.1. Administrative conditions (during the races)

The organisation of the event is the task of the Organiser, ACS Smartatletic and ACS Smartatletic Team, who are in charge of implementing the event.

Participants who give up the race during the run are asked to go to the Start/Finish area in order to notify the route referee in their current location of their abandoning the race.

Medical care will be available during the competition in case of accidental injury and will be found near the start/finish area.

5.2. Exceptional administrative conditions

In case extraordinary situations, which cannot be predicted, threaten the safe unfolding of the event (e.g. extreme weather conditions), the event will be postponed or even cancelled.

In case the event is postponed or cancelled, participation fees are non-refundable. In case the event is cancelled, participants will receive the complete participation kit.

5.3. Administrative conditions (general)

In accordance with the current legislation, Organisers will make public the names and awards given within this Competition. The winner list will be published on the official website within 7 days after the event.

The Organisers also undertake to observe the provisions of Law nr. 667/2001 regarding the protection of personal data.

As such, the Organisers undertake to maintain the confidentiality of this Competition’s participants’/winners’ personal data and use them in accordance with the present Official Rules, the participants’ sworn statements and the current legislation.

Competitors are forbidden from dumping any leftovers or rubbish in the area where the competition takes place, being liable to disqualification from the Competition. Rubbish bins will be at their disposal in the park, as well as rubbish bags provided by the Organisers in the start/finish area. At the end of the event, the Organisers will make sure that waste is removed and taken to especially designated areas.

The participation in the competition/event of people who have alcoholic beverages/drugs about their person or are under the influence of such substances, of people who carry weapons of any kind, explosive or incendiary materials, tear or irritant or paralysing substances, electroshock devices or any other objects which may be used in violent actions or to disturb the normal unfolding of the event is forbidden. Persons infringing these provisions will be removed from the event area by the Organizers, even with the help of law enforcement authorities, if necessary.

The Organizers reserve the right to modify the present Rules before the start date of the Competition, undertaking to announce any modifications made on the official website, as well as at the location of the event.