The online registrations for TriChallenge HERO are open until 10th of September.

  • For details regarding the fees, please consult the Fees page;
  • After completing the registration, your name will automatically appear in the entry table for each race.

First 3 ranked in the H3RO trial, both female & male, at Ocean Lava Romania 2017 have free entry for TriChallenge H3RO 2018 (with the condition to register until 28th of February 2018).

According to the Romanian Triathlon Federation (FRTRI) Regulations, each competitor must possess a FRTRI license. The license can be issued:

  • for one year (and can be obtained by filling in the form in annex 7  and paying a 50 RON fee) or
  • for one day (for a 10 RON fee, it gives the competitor the right to participate in the competition (s)he signed up for). For the TriChallenge H3RO, the fee will be paid directly by the participant on the spot (unless the participant possesses a one-year status card which has already been issued and validated).

The participants already in possession of a status card issued in previous years need to have it validated for 2018, in exchange for a 50 RON fee.

Attention! The places are not transferable, but if there will be any special situation (an emergency/ injury/ motivated inability to participate), the place can be passed to another person but not later than 1st of AUGUST. The same for changing the position of a participant from one race to another. After 1st of AUGUST it will not be possible any change in the registration system.