Saturday, 15th of September

  • 2 PM-10 PM Race kits pick up in the Rex Hotel parking
  • 5.30 PM – 9 PM Bike deposit in the transition area
  • PM Race brief

Attention! Deposit of the bike in the transition area is done ONLY on Saturday till 9PM. Placing bikes in the transition area will NOT be possible on the morning of the race as well. Maximum security will be ensured for the bikes during the night, as well as protection in case of bad weather.

The reasons why bikes must only be brought in on Friday are detailed in the FAQ TriChallenge H3RO section.

Upon race kit pick-up, you must have the affidavit filled in and signed in order to make the process more efficient. You have received it via email after your registration has been validated.

You may pick-up the race kit for another person with the CONDITION to have the affidavit signed in original and a copy of his identity card.

Nota Bene: According to the Romanian Triathlon Federation (FRTRI) Regulations, each competitor must possess a FRTRI license. The license can be issued:

  • for one year (and can be obtained by filling in the form in annex 7  and paying a 50 RON fee) or
  • for one day (for a 10 RON fee, it gives the competitor the right to participate in the competition (s)he signed up for). For the TriChallenge HERO, the fee will be paid directly by the participant on the spot (unless the participant possesses a one-year status card which has already been issued and validated).

The participants already in possession of a status card issued in previous years need to have it validated for 2018, in exchange for a 50 RON fee.

Info neoprene

The decision as to using neoprene suits will be made according to the ITU competition rules: if the water temperature is of 22-24 degrees, then using neoprene suits will be forbidden; if it is of 16 degrees or less, using neoprene suits will be mandatory. We will announce the forecast water temperature 3-4 days before the competition, but the final decision will be made 1 hour before start time.

Sunday, 16th of September

  • 7 AM – Opening of the transition area and checking the competition equipment (once again: deposit of the bike is done only on Friday, NOT in the day of the race)
  • 8 AM – H3RO START
  • 2 PM – Opening of the transition area for lifting equipment. Equipment can be picked up no later than 5.30pm.
  • 4.30 PM- Last participant at H3RO (time limit: 8h, 30min)
  • 5 PM – Award ceremony


There are two time limits for the course:

  • 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the swim
  • 5h, 30 min from the start to finish the bike section