Aquatlon regulations


Official regulation for organizing and conducting the event “H3RO – National Aquatlon Cup – 2020”

September 18 2020, Mamaia, Constanta


The “H3RO – National Aquatlon Cup ” competition, hereinafter referred to as the “Competition” is organized by

Smart Sport Club Athletic Association aims to promote triathlon as a mass sport, to promote movement

and a healthy lifestyle.

The participants in the Competition are obliged to respect the terms and conditions of this Official Regulation of Competition (hereinafter referred to as “Official Regulation”).

The Official Regulation is drawn up and will be made public according to the legislation applicable in Romania, being available free of charge to any applicant on the website and at the place of the Competition.

The competition will be organized according to the Regulations of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, the competitors having to respect the rules presented in the FRTRI regulation, except for the articles superimposed specifically in this regulation.

The regulations of the Romanian Trialton Federation can be found at the following address:

By participating in this Competition, the participants agree to respect and comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions of this Official Regulations and of the applicable legislation and to

sign the declaration on their own responsibility made available by the Organizers on the occasion of the registration, as well as on the day of the contest, at the time of validation of the registration.


2.1. Date and place of the competition:

The competition for amateurs will take place on Friday, September 18, 2020, in Mamaia, in the Hotel Rex area (area of the competition and the routes are marked on the official map on the site) according to the schedule detailed on the time schedule page.

The competition is taking place according to the mechanism of the Competition, as it is detailed in Section 3 of the current regulation.


3.1. Participants and the competition

This competition is addressed to anyone who is passionate about swimming and running, to anyone whose health allows participation in the race.

The minimum age of participation is 9 years.

3.2 Distances of routes

Competitors will have to race distances depending on the age category. The distances for each route and category are detailed in the categories and distances page.

3.3. The route and the order of the competition samples

Order of races: At H3RO the order of races is SWIMMING – RUNNING

The routes of the races is detailed on the dedicated page on the website

Competitors who do not respect the official route or shorten the route in any way, which offers a competitive advantage will be


The official detailed map with the entire competition route will be available on the official website:

Access of the spectators / supporters / parents / guardians in the competition area (running route, transition area, etc.) while the races are in progress, is strictly forbidden. Exception is the transition area where competitors can enter on the basis of the competition number for the deposition / removal of the competition equipment according to the official program.

3.4. Sign up

The registration of participants is made by completing the online form on the website according to the periods and limits detailed on the registration page.

3.5. Registration fee

The registration fees are presented on the registration page of the official website

  • the participation fee must be paid within 3 working days from the completion of the online form. Otherwise, the registration will be canceled;
  • the places are not transferable, the participation fees are not transferable nor refundable;
  • if there is a special situation (a case of emergency / accident / motivated impossibility of participation),the place may be transferred to another person; the transfer fee in this case is 30 lei.

All competitors must have a FRTRI license.

3.6. Self-declaration of liability

All competitors will complete and sign a statement on their own responsibility stating that they are medically fit to participate in the competition.

For the children participating in this competition one of their parents / guardian / legal representative will complete

and sign a declaration that they will give their agreement on their own responsibility regarding the participation and will declare that the participant (the child) is medically fit for participating in this competition.

People who have alcoholic drinks / drugs or who are under their influence, people who have weapons of any kind on them, explosive materials or incendiary, tear-irritating or paralyzing substances, devices for electric shocks or other objects which can be used for violent actions or for disturbing the normal course of the event are strictly forbidden to participate in the event.

Persons who violate these provisions will be removed from the event area by the organizers, even with the support of law enforcement bodies, as the case may be.

The days and times when these declarations can be filed are detailed on the official website, .

3.7. Competition equipment and conditions. Contest numbers

Competitors will participate in the competition using their own equipment. Competitors are recommended to wear equipment corresponding to the weather conditions at the time of the competition.

The contest numbers, swimming helmet and timing chip will be made available by the organizers and will be available for hand over to the competitors after completing and signing the statements on their own responsibility.

Official swimming helmet is mandatory during the swim race.

The number of the contest will be provided with elastic and will have to be worn on the chest / abdomen area at the running test, so that it is visible. The participation number cannot be altered (cut, cut, folded) or covered in any way.

3.8. Start hours

The waves and start times are detailed on the page on the official site. Depending on the final number of participants, the hours above can be updated.

The start times and the program may be modified and these will be communicated by the organizer on the official site (for those before the day of the event) and through the sound system for those during the event.

3.9. The results

The ranking for each category is made in the order of arrival of each participant. Rankings will be drawn up separately by each category from each race, female and male.

To validate the podium, the organizers can request a copy of the winner’s birth certificate or any other

official document attesting the date of birth of the participant. Impossibility or refusal to submit the

document may result in disqualification of the competitor.

The list of categories is the one detailed in the categories and distances page.

3.10. Referees, technical delegates and the referees committee

The team of technical officials and race commissioners (route referees) is selected by the Technical Delegate of the Romanian Triathlon Federation and will cover the entire area of ​​the trials. They will oversee compliance of the route and of this regulation by the competitors.

Any failure to comply with this regulation will be penalized by the technical officials with warning, time penalty or disqualification depending on the severity of the deviation.

If a race commissioner observes an attempt to “cut” (shorten or deviate) the route, the respective competitor will be disqualified.

In the event 10 FRTRI referees will be delegated.

3.10.1 Referees Committee

The referees’ committee will be responsible for resolving all appeals made by the participants. The officials there are part of the Referees Commission it will be announced at the Technical Meeting held before the Competition’s start.

3.10.2 Submission and settlement of appeals

The appeals will be submitted to the official office of the event located after the finish area. The appeal forms will also be found there. They must be submitted personally by the athlete at the end of the race. The resolution of the appeals will be carried out by the referees committee.


4.1. Titles and prizes

The open category will be awarded, the places 1,2,3 Girls and Boys where the national champion titles will be awarded as follows:


1st 400 lei

2nd 300 lei

3rd 200 lei

The value of the cash prizes is gross, the taxes to be paid by the organizer.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each age category will also be awarded

Besides the prizes, the winners will receive cups and diplomas.

All participants will receive electronic participation diplomas, finisher’s medal, timing chip and T-shirt. Including those that are DNF or DNS.

DNF – did not finish (not finished)

DNS – did not start (did not start but is registered)


5.1. Administrative conditions (during the courses)

The organization of the event is the responsibility of the Organizer Smart Atletic Sport Club Association which deals with the implementation of the event. Participants who abandon the race during the run are asked to show up in Start / Arrive area to notify the route referee from that location about this abandonment.

The competition will benefit from medical assistance for accident cases that will be near the area start /finish.

5.2. Exceptional administrative conditions

In the case of extraordinary situations that prevent the event from proceeding safely (eg extreme weather conditions) what cannot be foreseen the event will be postponed or even canceled.

In case of postponement or cancellation of the event the participation fees are not refundable. In case of cancellation of the event, participants will receive the full participation kit.

5.3. Administrative conditions (general)

In accordance with the legislation in force, the Organizers will make public the names of the winners and the prizes awarded in within this Competition. The interim results will be published after September 19, 2020 on the official site.

The organizers also undertake to comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding data protection with personal character.

As such, the Organizers undertake to maintain the confidentiality of this competition’s participants/ winners personal data and use it according to the present Official Regulation, the declaration of the participants on their own responsibility and the legislation in force.

The competitors are forbidden to throw any rubbish in the area of ​​the competition under the sanction of disqualification from the competition. They will be able to use either the garbage bins located in the park or the bin bags made available by the organizers in the start / finish area. The organizers will ensure the disposal of the waste at the ned of the event in specially arranged areas.

People who have alcoholic drinks / drugs or who are under their influence, people who have weapons of any kind on them, explosive materials or incendiary, tear-irritating or paralyzing substances, devices for electric shocks or other objects which can be used for violent actions or for disturbing the normal course of the event are strictly forbidden to participate in the event. Persons who will violate these provisions will be removed from the event area by the organizers, even with the support of the police, if applicable.

The organizers reserve the right to modify this Regulation until the date of the competition with the obligation to announce the changes made on the site and at the place of the competition.

Event approved by the Romanian Triathlon Federation