The route will be flat and fast with an approximate distance of:

  • 1.9 km swimming
  • 90 km bicycle
  • 21 km running.

Drafting ilegal.

There will be between 4-6 referees on the motorcycle who will carry out this rule. Referees may be penalized under the FRTRI Rules.

Soon to be announced.

OPEN Category


  • 18 – 29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60+

The minimum age for participation is 18 years. Competitors aged 18 and 19 will enter in the 20-24 age category.

Both ACS SMART ATLETIC TEAM and FRTRI don’t encourage/recommend participation in this race at such an early age.


All participants will receive electronic participation certificates, which can be downloaded online within 7 days of the event.

Rankings in age categories will be placed for place 1, 2 and 3 of each category according to the official rules of this trials. If there are fewer than 5 participants in the category, only 1st prize will be awarded. The award for these categories will consist of offering cups and certificates for each place.

  • 2-9 february  100€
  • 10 february – 29 april 110€
  • 30 april – 4 august 550 lei 120 €
  • 5 august – 1 september 130 €
  • 2-9 february  75 €
  • 10 february – 29 april 85€
  • 30 april – 1 september 100€


Pay the registration fee within 2 working days of registration (non-payment in due time will lead to the cancellation of the registration)

Places are not transferable, participation fees are neither transferable nor returnable;

Changing the position of a participant from one race to another (ex transfer of Ion Ionescu from the sprint race to the Olympic race) is possible at most 2 (two) weeks before the event; the transfer fee is 60 lei-13€;

If a participant want to be transferred from any of the Olympic, Sprint or Supersprint race to the Half race,the participant need to pay a transfer fee of 60 lei-13€ + the difference in fee from the Half race at that time.

If a person want to transfer  from the Half to the Aquatlon, Sprint, Supersprint, the difference is not returned.

The last day that changes can be made at enrollment level (transfer from one employee to another or from one race to another) is Monday 2 September. After this date, no change will be made.

According to the FRTRI Regulation (Romanian Triathlon Federation), all foriegn competitors must have either a  FRTRI one day license either a national federation yearly license

One day license isssued by FRTRI costs 10 lei or 2,15€ and gives the competitor the right to participate in the event to which he has registered. This fee will be paid directly by the participant on the spot, if he does not have a license issued by national federation  already issued.

Payment of the registration fee can be made online with debit or credit card (recomanded) or by bank wire

IBAN:  RO50BACX0000001250372000

Unicredit Bank

The most important rules of the competition:

  1. Drafting  isn’t allowed.
  2. Neoprene usage is announced on the morning of the race.
  3. If a person want to transfer  from the Half race to the Aquatlon, Sprint, Supersprint, the difference is not returned.
  4. Participation in the individual race is done only if the participant is a holder of an a day  FRTRI  license or a yearly national federation license at the moment of participation.

We recommend to consult the regulation extensively here.