Half distance regulations



September 20, 2020, Mamaia


The competition “H3RO – HALF DISTANCE “, hereinafter referred to as “Competition”, is organized by ACS Smartatletic and aims to promote triathlon as a sport among the population and to support high sports performance among triathlon athletes in Romania.

Competition participants have the right to respect the terms and conditions of these Official Competition Rules (hereinafter referred to as “Official Rules”).

The official rules are drawn up and will be made public according to the official legislation of Romania and will be made available free of charge to the applicants on the website www.h3ro.org , as well as at the Competition’s location.

The competition will be organized on the basis of the Competition Rules of the ITU and of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, and the competitors have the obligation to comply with the ITU rules, except for those articles that expressly prevail in these rules.

The ITU rules are made available on the following website:


The rules of the Romanian Triathlon Federation are available on the website: http://frtri.ro/regulamente/

By participating in this Competition, the participants agree to respect and follow all the provisions, terms and conditions of the Official Rules, as well as the rules in force, and to sign a declaration on their own responsibility sent by the organizers at the registration, the date of the competition, and at the registration validation.



The competition will be organized on Sunday, September 20, 2020, in Mamaia, near the Rex Hotel and the Mesogios Restaurant (the venue of the competition and the three-round routes are marked in the official map available on the website).

The competition will start near the Hotel Rex and will end in the City Hall parking lot in front of the Hotel Rex.

Access / exit in the competition area:

  1. a) – with private cars
  2. b) – by means of public transport

The competition is taking place according to the Competition mechanism, detailed in Section 3 of these rules.



This competition is addressed to any person passionate about triathlon, swimming, cycling or running, any person with a health status that allows him to participate in any race of the competition.

The minimum age of participation is 18 years for all races.

Participants in this competition can register for individual races or relay.


Competitors will have to travel the following distances: 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km running.


Competitors for individual races must complete all 3 rounds individually – swimming, cycling and running – in this order and cover the aforementioned distances for the race in which they registered.

The route of the competition will be secured by fences, gendarmerie, bands and cones. The representatives of the organizers – the members of the commission responsible for the route – will be present on certain preset routes along the route. They have the obligation to make sure that all the competitors carry out the competition in conditions of perfect safety and respect the rules of the competition.

Competitors who do not follow the official route or shorten it in any way (thus gaining a competitive advantage) will be disqualified.

The detailed official map of the entire route is available on the official website in the Route section.


The swimming events will be organized at sea. All competitors start simultaneously.

The shape and map of the swimming route will be posted on the official website, in the Route section.

In the event of weather changes, such as strong wind, heavy rain, low temperatures, technical and medical delegates may change the length of the swim route or adopt new provisions regarding the use of neoprene suits. The final decision will be made one hour before the start of the competition and will be communicated expressly to the athletes through the technical delegate.

In case of canceling the swimming test, it can be replaced with a new running race.


The transition zone is the same for swimming and cycling as for swimming and cycling.

Access to the transition area will be secured and intended for participants only.


The area will be video supervised;

Access will be provided only on the basis of the bicycle number;

The security will be provided by a security company.

Storage of bicycles and equipment in the transition area will be done according to the official program available on the website. For safety reasons, outside the announced range of equipment storage, access to the transition area will be allowed only to competitors participating in the race at that time, even if the starting signal for the competitor’s race has not been given.

The storage of the bicycle in the transition area will be made in the marked location, depending on the number of competition and the race in which the competitor participates. The devices will be offered with markings indicating the numerical range where a bicycle can be stored in each location.

The storage of the bicycle in an unallocated area, before the race or at the T2 transition, will be sanctioned by warning, if the participant remedies the situation before the start, or by a time penalty.

Bikes can be picked up from the transition area only after the last competitor at the event has completed the race. The exact time will be announced by the referees and the MC event on the spot.

Bikes must be picked up from the transition area within one hour after the last competitor has completed the race. If a competitor fails to pick up the bike, the organizers may charge a fee for lifting and storing the bicycle.

  1. a) T1 – swimming to cycling

It implies a distance (presented in detail on the route page) between the swimming area and the transition area.

  1. b) T2 – cycling to running

Competitors must store their bikes in the same allocated area before the competition. Violation of this rule will be sanctioned according to the above.

Participants can ride the bike in the transition area only after they have passed the “Mount Bike” line and must descend before the “Descent Line” (placing one foot on the ground before the line) at the end of the cycling route. These two lines will be marked appropriately and there will be volunteers announcing these areas. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a penalty under ITU rules.


The cycling route is a loop about 10 km long, which will be toured 9 times (90km).


Drafting is NOT allowed during the cycling race.

The drafting area has a width of 3m, 8m long rectangular shape for bicycles and 5m wide, 35m long for vehicles (motorcycles). The length is measured from the front wheel of the bicycle or car. The width of the rectangle will be centered on the middle of the bike or on the car in front.

The movement of a bicycle or car in the drafting area is prohibited, as it prevents another competitor from exceeding the drafting zone.

Temporary passage to the drafting zone during the overtaking maneuvers is allowed. This should not exceed 20 seconds.


– an athlete is considered to have outperformed another competitor when the front wheel of the first bicycle passed before the second;

– once exceeded, an athlete has 5 seconds to leave the drafting area;

– the athletes must travel on one side of the road, to allow them to pass and not to block the other athletes.

Exceptional cases in which the drafting zone is allowed:

– for safety reasons (eg avoiding an obstacle);

– 100m before and after the power station, at the entrance and exit of the transition area;

– 100m before and after a tight curve.

Penalties for entering the drafting area:

– warning of the first violation by the athlete, if the athlete leaves the drafting area;

– time penalty for the second non-compliance: 3 minutes for all distances.


Road traffic on the running route is completely closed.

The running route is a loop about 2.5 km long and must be crossed several times by the participants. The calculation is the exclusive responsibility of the competitors. If it is found when validating the results that a competitor has not covered the complete number of laps, the competitor will be disqualified.

The race will be organized on the promenade Mamaia.

There will be only one power station on the running route, intended for use by the participants at each loop route.


According to the official map, along the running route, there will be a penalty panel for the time penalties applied by the technical officials to the swimming route, in the transition area or the cycling route.

In this area, the numbers of competitors to whom a time penalty is applied will be displayed visibly on the panel. It is the participant’s obligation to check the panel to find out whether or not a time penalty has been applied.

Applying a time penalty:

It is done by stopping completely by the technical officer in the area, who will begin to calculate the time penalty. If the athlete moves during the sanction application (running in place is also prohibited), the technical officer will stop the calculation until the athlete stops completely.

The sanction can be applied whenever the athlete wishes, until the end of the race. If an athlete is subjected to more than one penalty, he or she can decide to do them all at once or one by one.

Failure to comply with the time penalties will result in disqualification.

3.4. SIGN UP

Participants can register by filling out an online form on the official website.

The places are not transferable but in special situations (emergency / injury / incapacity motivated by participation), the place can be transmitted to another person but not later than 1 AUGUST. The same rule also applies to changing the position of a participant from one race to another. After June 1, no changes will be possible in the registration system.

Participation in the individual test is made only if the participant is in possession of a valid FRTRI annual card at the time of participation. In this way, the organizer ensures that the participant has a medical visit.


All competitors must complete and sign a declaration on their own responsibility certifying that they are medically fit to participate in the competition.

Persons who have on their alcoholic beverages / drugs or who are under their influence, the persons who have on their weapons of any kind, explosive or incendiary materials, irritating-tears or paralyzing effect, devices for electric shocks or other objects that may be used for violent actions or disturbance of the normal conduct of the event, are strictly forbidden to participate in the competition.Persons who violate these provisions will be removed by the organizers of the event area, even seeking the help of law enforcement authorities, if necessary.

The dates and times at which you can complete your own statements are presented in detail on the official website.


Competitors will use their own equipment in the competition. It is recommended that the competitors wear the equipment according to the weather conditions at the time of the competition.

The competition equipment will comply with the ITU rules.

Depending on the temperature of the water, it will be announced if a swim suit is obligatory, optional or forbidden. The official swimming helmet is required for the swimming race.

The competition numbers, the swimming helmet and the timing chip will be offered by the organizers to the competitors after completing and signing the self responsibility declarations.

The competition numbers will come with an elastic band and must be worn on the back by each competitor during the cycling race, after which they will be placed on the chest / abdomen during the running race, in order to be visible. The number of participants must not be damaged (cut, broken, bent) or covered in any way.

The cycling helmet is MANDATORY for all competitors during the cycling race, as well as during the warm-up before the race.

The bikes accepted in the competition are specific triathlon / time trial bicycles, road bikes. Must be in good working order, with brakes operable on both wheels. MTB type bicycles not allowed for half-distance races.


The start and time limits for each race are shown on the program page.

The program may be modified, which will be announced in advance.

The organizers and technical delegates of FRTRI reserve the right to remove an athlete from the race and the DNF athlete if our race personnel consider that there is no possibility for the participant to finish the race (swimming, cycling, running) before the stopping times depending on the location, the average time and speed of the athlete up to that point.


The ranking for each category is made in the order of arrival of each participant.

At the finish line, the time during which each participant will be able to go through the entire route will be measured using chronometer brace chips. They will need to be returned after crossing the finish line. These will have to be returned after crossing the finish line.

There will be separate classifications for each age category.

The categories will be based on age ranges, presented in detail on the Categories and Awards page on the website www.h3ro.org


The arbitration of the competition will be provided by a team of technical officials on behalf of the Romanian Triathlon Federation.

The team of technical officials and members of the race commission (route referees), made up of a minimum of 20 persons chosen by the technical delegate of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, will cover the entire area of ​​the races and will ensure that the route and these rules are respected by the competitors.

Any violation of these rules will be sanctioned by the technical officials by warning, time penalty or disqualification, depending on the seriousness of the non-compliance.

If a member of the commission responsible for a race notifies an attempt by a competitor to “shorten the route” (by shortening or deflection), the competitor will be disqualified.


The referee committee will be responsible for resolving all appeals. The members of the referee committee will be announced during the technical meeting organized before the event.


The appeals will be submitted to the official office of the event that is outside the finish line of the race. The appeal forms are available at this office.

The appeals will be submitted personally by the athlete or a member of the team in a maximum of 30 minutes from the end of the race in which they participated.

The disputes will be resolved by the referee committee allocated for this within a maximum of two weeks.

Both video evidence, photos and witnesses will be used.



The prizes will be divided into 2 main categories:

OPEN prizes consisting of money:


1st 3000 lei

2nd 2000 lei

3rd 1200 lei

4th 800 lei

5th 700 lei

The prizes are expressed in lei/RON and are gross, the payment of the related taxes to be carried out by the organizer

AGE GROUPS (amateurs) – Cups will be offered to the first three classified in each age category the following mentions:

Cups are not given to participants in categories with less than 3 competitors.

If there are age categories where there are less than 5 competitors, only the winner of the category will be awarded.

All participants will receive electronic participation diplomas, finisher’s medal, timing chip and T-shirt. Including those that are DNF or DNS.

DNF – did not finish (not finished)

DNS – did not start (did not start but is registered)

The cash prize equivalent will be paid ONLY by bank transfer within 30 business days from the event date. No other payment method is accepted. Within 14 days of the event, the winners will send an email to contact@smartatletic.ro with the number of the IBAN account in which the prizes will be transferred in money, together with a copy of the identity card (certificate of fiscal residence for foreigners).

The official award ceremony will be organized according to the official program published on the website.



The organization of the event is the responsibility of the organizer, ACS Smartatletic, responsible for the implementation of the event.

Participants who drop out of the race during the competition are asked to go to the Start / Final area to notify the abandonment of the route referee’s race from the respective location.

Medical care will be provided during the competition in case of accidental injury, and the medical team is available near the start / end zone.


In exceptional situations, which cannot be anticipated, which threatens the safe conduct of the event (eg extreme weather conditions), the event will be postponed or canceled.

In case the event is postponed or canceled, the participation fees are non-refundable. If the event is canceled, the participants will receive the complete participation kit.


According to the legislation in force, the organizers will make public the names and prizes offered in this competition. The list of winners will be published on the official website within 7 days of the event.

The organizers are obliged to respect the provisions of law no. 667/2001 regarding the protection of personal data.

As a result, the organizers are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the personal data of the participants / winners of the competition and to use them according to these official rules, the declarations on the own responsibility of the participants and the legislation in force.

It is forbidden from competitors to throw leaflets or waste in the competition area, risking disqualification from the competition. Garbage bins are available, and organizers offer garbage bags in the start / end area. The organizers will ensure the disposal of the waste at the end of the event in specially arranged areas.

People who have alcoholic drinks / drugs or who are under their influence, people who have weapons of any kind on them, explosive materials or incendiary, tear-irritating or paralyzing substances, devices for electric shocks or other objects which can be used for violent actions or for disturbing the normal course of the event are strictly forbidden to participate in the event. Persons who will violate these provisions will be removed from the event area by the organizers, even with the support of the police, if applicable.

The organizers reserve the right to change these rules before the start date of the competition, obliging to announce any changes made on the official website, as well as at the event location.

Event approved by the Romanian Triathlon Federation