After 10 years

of competition, we decided to enter in the family of major international triathlon events. For this we needed a strong brand, so it was born


more simply, shorter and easier to remember, with history behind and a powerful understatement.


represents the three triathlon sports and the 10 years of TriChallenge brand that we have in our DNA


which means Romania and how do we consider that all those who cross our line of arrival are true H3ROs.

What is H3RO?

 H3RO isn’t just another triathlon, but a whole series of positive experiences that aims to transform our participants into true H3ROs.

This model is based on our values: Professionalism, Friendship, Honesty, Fairness, Excellence, Integrity, Inspiration, Safety, Good Will, Enthusiasm. Starting from 2009, we have enough local and international experience to bring to the global market our own triathlon brand.

We start here and now, in Romania.

Inside of H3RO by Trichallenge, we have the folowing licensed events:

ETU European Triathlon Cup

Supersprint National Triathlon Championship

Half-distance is the final stage of the Romanian

The National Half distance Triathlon Championship

The National Aquathlon Cup

Triathlon Federation – FRTRI Halfdistance.

Olympic and sprint events are part of the Romanian Triatlon Series, our competition being the final stage of this series.


As athletes, we all know that special feeling of having something unique done. From the first trainings and the magical moments of the race, to the unique moment when you pass the finish line.

Together, we will discover that unique moment in time when a dream becomes reality.

For us you are more than just a number!

You are an H3RO!

In 2008 in Romania, we were 20 triathlets and one realy poorly organized national championship.

So this is the reason for which I wanted to organize a competition with higher standards. There was a thing that annoys me in this small community, all the people was complaining that there were no competitions. In conclusions, nothing was changing. So I was decided to break this mindset.

Vlad Stoica, General Manager

After ten years, TriChallenge is the largest triathlon in South East Europe and was the host of two European Cups, thus reaching the European Triathlon map.

This is just the beginning …