Mamaia Triathlon Challenge 2015 is Premium European Cup: double the prize pool, top athletes, extra points for continental rankings

The 2015 edition of the Mamaia Triathlon Challenge has all the makings of an explosive sports event due to the prizes at stake, to the names competing in it, to its location and especially to its European-level significance. This year’s Black Sea triathlon is the Premium European Cup.


The competition is all the more important as there are no more than three premium events a year on the continent. Europe will host only two premium cups in 2015 – the Mamaia Triathlon Challenge and the Holten Triathlon. This makes Romania one of the countries with an immense potential for growth in the field of sports competitions. The Mamaia Triathlon Challenge is the biggest triathlon in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, as well as the final (sixth) stage of the Romanian Triathlon Series.

From the European Cup to the World Cup

From September 4th to 6th, participants from over 20 countries will compete in the 7th edition of the Mamaia Triathlon Challenge for a prize pool that is double the one of 2014, namely  25,000 €! Moreover, there are substantial amounts of points given in the ETU ranking: from 250 points for the ordinary cup to 400 for the premium cup, which guarantees the participation of the world’s best triathlon athletes. According to the ITU list, the European Cup and the Premium Cup both bring the same number of points to the winner, namely 200.

The Premium Cup is the final stage preceding the World Cup. The Triathlon Challenge has proven that it can rise up to logistical and organisational standards and it will prove itself worthy of the world’s best triathlon athletes this year as well.

Registration is open on the official European website and the registration list is available for viewing at all times. At the moment this was written, over 70 men and 15 women had signed up. Romania will be represented by two top athletes: Alexandru Diaconu and Antoanela Manac.

Alexandru Diaconu (aged 28) participated in his first triathlon in Timișoara in 2004. His favourite competitions are Ironman races, because they make him push his own limits. He is particularly proud of his results in two competitions: the 2009 Ironman race (ranked 19th) and the 2011 HalfIronman World Championship in Las Vegas (ranked 13th in his age group).

Antoanela Manac (aged 20) is registered with the CS Atena Constanța club. She is a national and Balkanic duathlon champion, a national Triathlon runner-up and she ranked 11th in the Alanya European Cup. She came in first in the sprint race at the 2014 Mamaia Triathlon Challenge.

Individual and relay races

You are invited to sign up for whichever Mamaia Triathlon Challenge race suits you the best.

Individual races

Supersprint race: 400m swim + 10km bike + 2,5km run

Sprint race: 750m swim + 20km bike + 5km run

Olympic race: 1,500m swim + 40km bike + 10km run

Relay races

Sprint relay race: 750m swin + 20km bike + 5km run

Olympic relay race: 1,500m swim + 40km bike + 10km run

The run and bike portions of the race take place on a highway, on a 100% flat surface, under safe conditions. The swim portion of the race takes place in Siutghiol Lake, the start and finish line being at the pontoon. Even though many professional athletes usually compete in the Mamaia Triathlon Challenge, this seaside event is ideal for those who wish to participate in their first triathlon. There are multiple reasons to do it: the distance is short and feasible, the course is friendly, the infrastructure is the same as that of the European Cup, the race kit is identical to that offered to professionals and the award ceremony is separate, so beginners will be treated as genuine athletes.

You can find out more about the Premium European Cup and the amateur competition on the event website: .

Supporters and partners

The 7th edition of the Mamaia Triathlon Challenge is supported by the Constanța City Hall and by Orange Romania, with the contribution of the Romanian Triathlon Federation. HTC is the event’s technological partner. The event is organised by the Smart Atletic Sport Club. The event partners are: Skoda, Castrol, Intersport, Bellotto, Vega Hotel, Ciuc, Generali, Felt, PowerBar, TYR, S-Karp, Regina Maria.

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