TriChallenge Mamaia: new identity after 7 editions

trichallenge mamaia 2016

It will be 7 years since we’ve been providing rich sporting experiences by the time the three disciplines (swimming, cycling and running) meet in September, at the Triathlon Challenge Mamaia. In these 7 years (of which the last two hosted the European Cup and the Premium European Cup), the competition has grown to be mature and responsible, which makes us take every aspect to the highest level.

Together we carry the challenge further, both nationally and internationally, through the TriChallenge. It’s going to be a full-fledged sporting event in every way and for all participants (professional and amateur, native and foreign alike). We’d like to start by showing you our new look, the new identity we are setting off with. For the next 7 year 🙂

…and which will be waiting to welcome you on September 10-11, 2016 to the 8th edition

trichallenge mamaia 2016

But there’s even more news is store! The website has undergone a makeover, too. It is now cleared up and easier to navigate. It will keep you up to date with the TriChallenge 2016 news, as well as with the events which are going to take place throughout the year.

Registration? Yes, registration will be open shortly. On Tuesday, April 5th, to be precise.

trichallenge mamaia 2016

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